The House Next Door

The House Next Door - Anne Rivers Siddons Gosh, where do I start?

The Bad
1. The book starts incredibly slow. The first half of the book is rich woman sitting on a patio drinking and gossiping. Most of the characters in this book or snobs, horrible friends, horrible people, and generally annoying and very hard to relate to.
2. The ending is incredibly unsatisfying.
3. The main characters Walter and Colquitt are described to be in their Mid 30's but are referred to as middle aged and frequently talk as if they are in their 50's or 60's and have people treat them as if they are around that age too.
4. A lot of the people in this neighborhood act as though they've led such perfect happy lives, in their perfect happy bubbles that they don't know what REAL LIFE DRAMA looks like because they treat every single "tragedy" the same. They are complete Drama queens about the smallest things.
5. Claire. She's such an awful character, I think she's the real villain of this story, not the house. She is incredibly pretentious and snobby, she is such a gossip. Actually, most of the characters in this book are the real villains of the story. But this quote from claire just haunts me.
“Because I went back over there when I got home and threw a load of sand over…everything,”
Yeah, she's referring to the neighbors miscarried baby. 7 months gestation. That's 3rd Trimester. Far enough along that if a baby is born at that point It could live outside the womb with medical help.
She doesn't ask "Hey would you like to bury your child? Maybe have a funeral?" nope. Let's just kick some dirt over it, it'll be alright.
I dislike her so much.
6. One of the houses terrible acts was to turn a couple of straight men gay. Oh, the horror. I almost wet myself right then and there.

The Good
It was a little creepy in places
It's over
Stephen King thinks it's great. I have no idea why....
This isn't a good thing but more a "To be fair" thing. This book was written in the 70's. I just believe the world is too different for this book to hold the same meaning and value today as it did then. It's too dated. The change in the world makes this book more intolerable than enjoyable or scary.
The idea that a house could make you "catch" gay might have been terrifying in the 70's but today it's just offensive.