The Search

The Search - Nora Roberts Okay...There are so many things I didn't like about this book I don't know where to start. I made a list of the things that bothered me. They aren't in any particular order but are numbered.

1. The Search AKA "How to train dogs" had a lot of dialogs completely devoted to training dogs and dog behavior. Multiple times I found myself thinking "Am I reading a training guide or a romance mystery?"

2. I Kept waiting for something to happen, the tension would build and then I was left thinking "Oh, is that all?"

3. The ending felt like it should be satisfying, but it just wasn't for me.

4. As someone who has been a victim of violence, I call complete bullcrap on the fact that she left her doors unlocked or open all the time because it had been 8 years and she had her dogs. No, that's not how it works. It's been 10 years for me and I constantly look over my shoulder even when I know rationally I have no reason to. It's unrealistic and it bothered me badly.

5. Fiona and the fact that she was just like "Hi new client! I know you JUST hired me to train your puppy but allow me to tell you my life story and all about the time I was almost murdered, who cares if you're a complete stranger!"

5. Simon. I think He was the thing that Bothered me the absolute most. Never have I EVER read a romance novel where I couldn't stand the "hero". NEVER.
But I couldn't stand him. He was a dick.
Here are some actual quotes from him, keep in mind that this woman he's talking to, that he supposedly loves, went through a traumatic, terrifying ordeal and now it's happening all over again...
"If you’re going into brood mode, it’s going to piss me off.”
"Brood, if you need to, as long as I’m not around."
At one point he basically told her he didn't like her when she was upset and so he wanted her to not be upset.
I understand that he was supposed to come off as a real guy, with real flaws and not some perfect male but he's just a dick!
If I was Fiona, I would take his complete inability to comfort and his unhealthy aversion to any emotion that made him uncomfortable as a clear sign that he was completely emotionally unavailable. But no. Not her, "Oh this couldn't be a bad sign at all! I'm going through one of the hardest things I've ever faced in my life but better not let it get to me or I might make this dick upset and uncomfortable! Oh but I love him so much..."
Plus there is the fact that He'll get all angry and put his foot down and argue up and down with her about taking a shower and getting some rest and countless other things that aren't all that important but is all like
"It won't do me any good to argue with her about facing the guy trying to kill her so I guess I'll just get out of her way..."
when she decides she's going to go confront this guy that's been terrorizing her for months"

Overall, It was too long, too padded with dog training info, the hero was a unlikable dick, and nothing much happened except dog training and Simon squirming like a worm from having to deal with icky emotions.